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     The Signature Shark has made authenticity our number one priority, thus, we have taken extreme measures to ensure the authenticity of every item we sell. not too many people know how autograph authentication works, so we wanted to take this time to explain the process, what our guarantee entails, and why we are the best option for 100% Certified Authentic memorabilia.

     There are 3 basic different types of autographs when it comes to their grade of certification:

             1. PSA/JSA Graded:  These autographs have been certified by James Spence, the global leader in autograph authentication. a Derek Jeter signed baseball may be worth $800-$1,300.

           2. Certified Authentic: These are by far our most sold autographs, due to the same level of certification, and most importantly the significantly lower price-point. These autographs have been Certified by an independent in-house professional using the same and sometimes more in-depth methods used by JSA. when you purchase an autograph with a C.O.A. that means that your item is guaranteed for life by the Signature Shark, if it ever fails to pass another third party certification service. A Derek Jeter Signed baseball with COA is worth around $400

         3. Uncertified Autographs: These are the signatures you get when you manage to bump into Johnny Manziel at the local Dave & Busters and have him sign your phone case. Unfortunately these aren’t worth much.

     The Signature Shark ONLY deals with categories 1 & 2. In other words, to be frank, we don’t sell B#@^%&!$. Anything you purchase from us is certainly 100% authentic, hand-signed by the person advertised.

     Authenticators are not fool-proof, and with that being said, if for any reason whatsoever the authenticity of your item is questioned by a third party certification service such as JSA/PSA, you are eligible for a full refund*. Simply contact us using the form below.

When you receive a response from us, Be prepared to provide:

1.) documentation from JSA / PSA

2.) your purchased item

3.) we may ask for you to provide a proof of purchase

in order to receive a full hassle-free return

*of your original purchase price. We can not, and will not be held responsible for any additional costs including on a second opinion, etc. under any circumstances. We also will not accept any item that has been altered, damaged or lost.